Carles Foz Moreno

Lawyer · Tax Attorney · FIBA Agent

  • Spain
  • Lawyer & Tax Attorney
  • Licensed in Law by the Universitat de Barcelona | Master and PhD in Sports Law by the Universitat de Lleida
  • Spanish | Catalan | English | French | Italian | German

Lawyer, Tax Attorney, FIBA Agent and University Professor in Sports Law. pH Doctor by the University of Lleida.

He is the CEO of his own Law Firm, Bufete Foz y Asociados in 1986, his own Tax Consultancy, Foz Assessors in 1998 and cofounder of the Basketball Agency, Foz Sports & Events.

Diploma as specialist in Foreign Commerce and Diploma as specialist in finance.
Licensed (not in practice) as insurance agent and broker.
Registered as expert at the SEPBLAC.